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Dipl.-Ing. Peter Kubina
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In 1998 I have published my book about the discovery of the key to the Prophecies by Nostradamus. This book could include only a little part of the results of my research. Since these days I have worked on nearly all of the quatrains of the Prophecies using this key and I got the confirmation of its correctness.

Nostradamus wrote:

"...,que si ie voulois Ó vn chacun quadrin mettre le denombrement du temps se pourroit faire: ..."
..., if I had wanted to date each quatrain, I could have done so:...

If we take this sentence literally, there must be a method, a key, which allows to bring the quatrains into the chronological order. Taking Schliemann as an example, who finally found Troja by using Homer's poems literally, I found the abundance of numbers in the writings by Nostradamus as indications to the key. I realized that they are in fact not, what they seem to be. Also the huge amount of mistakes in his work, which Nostradamus often was accused of, were done by himself intentionally, so that we can find the right path to his key.

My research has the aim not only to show, how to date the quatrains, but also to be a vindication of the great seer of the 16th century, who is called sometimes a charlatan, a plagiarist or a mediocre poet.


Nostradamus at the age of 63, painted
by his son CÚsar

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